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Lee has lived at Summit Lake over twenty years, and in Interior for much of his life. He's knowledgeable about the state of Alaska and the area.

Our area is filled with many other outdoor opportunities - there really is something for everyone! For the botanist there are wildflowers galore. Wildlife enthusiasts bring your camera! The area's wildlife includes moose, caribou, fox, rabbits, beaver, bears, otters, wolves, martin, mink and lynx each in their season. Bird watchers enjoy spotting eagles, swans, ducks, ptarmigan & snow bunting. Other activities include: Hiking - Rock hounding - Pipeline crossing - Gulkana Glacier - Fishing - Ice fishing (that's Lee with a huge laker) - Fall colors - Northern lights - Dog Races - Snow machine races - Arctic Man Classic
Alaska's major highways slice through miles and miles of majesty and grandeur.  At Water's Edge Cottages you'll find Alaska up close and personal. If you are interested in experiencing the beauty of the real Alaska plan a stop at Water's Edge!

Situated on the south end of scenic Summit Lake in Isabel Pass at the headwaters of the Gulkana River, our cottages  are located at mile 191 Richardson Highway, about halfway between Delta Junction and Glennallen.

In a land remote and primitive, Water's Edge is a place of warm hospitality and comfort where outdoor activities abound year round.  This is the land of the midnight sun where the glorious sunsets of summer merge into spectacular fall colors and then into the cascading colors of the Aurora Borealis found in the winter night sky.  

This primitive wilderness is contrasted by the friendliness and graciousness of Lee Harper, who is pleased to share his slice of paradise with you.  Guests from all over the world have lodged in their cozy, comfortable cottages and enjoyed the activities of this area. 

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